About Richard C Pendry

I’ve had a varied career: Parachute Regiment, commerce and since 2005 the security industry.

I quickly learnt when working in high threat areas that acquiring the relevant information was essential for survival, but that most practitioners who had this knowledge were unable to communicate their skills to the wider audience.

In order to communicate effectively, I've underpinned my hard earned empirical knowledge with two degrees:

  • Security and Risk Management from the world renown Department of Criminology at Leicester University.
  • A Masters degree in Terrorism Studies from the ground braking Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence (CSTPV) at St Andrews.

My years of study on specific questions relating to security - augmented with the ability of being able to apply my research to real life scenarios in some of the most austere conditions - has given me an opportunity to pass onto my clients a holistic service which is superlative in its field.

I have worked on the world stage for a spectrum of patrons that include: government institutes, the UN, commercial entities, NGOs and aid and development implementers. My aim throughout to ensure that my clients have the resilience to deal with shifting conditions, cognizant that every organisation has specific needs and requirements.

My on going research revolves around two important themes. The first is securing operational platforms by building organisational resilience for groups working in emerging markets – so often found in challenging environments. And secondly, understanding the human dynamic on how fragile communities can be influenced by variables such as radicalisation. All my research is churned back into my consultancy company, ensuring that the most up-to-date information is used in ways to develop answers to emergent threats.

Case Studies