Terrorists to Derail Trains?

August 13, 2017By Richard C Pendrynews 2 Comments

Inspire is a magazine for Islamic extremists. Much as you or I would buy a periodical on cycling, gardening or what ever else takes your fancy, so todays terrorists literaly look for insperation on how best to spread their sick ideology. The latest thing trending for terrorists is to how to DERAIL TRAINS. Inspire is an al … Read More

Reducing Support For Refugee Crisis?

September 21, 2016By Richard C Pendrynews No Comments

Mass population movements reduce resources and popular support for refugees, this is the sentiment held by the Prime Minster that she will convey to the UN this week. Having spent the summer working in Greece I ask the question: is there reducing support for the Refugee Crisis? Since Turkey put a stop to the waves … Read More

South Sudan: Assessment After the Violence.

August 20, 2016By Richard C Pendrynews No Comments

In the wake of the civil war that erupted again in South Sudan in mid-July 2016, I’ve done an assessment after the violence, highlighting the dire situation that the world youngest country is facing. The current situation in SSD continues to deteriorate with fighting reported throughout the country. Fractures within the political and military landscape continue, … Read More

Chilcot: The Answers?

July 6, 2016By Richard C PendryIraq, news 2 Comments

I spent over two years in Iraq in the aftermath of the invasion between 2005 and 2007, working for a private security company (PSC) that was providing security to the American, Department of Defence, during the reconstruction phase. But yesterdays publication of over 2 millions words just didn’t do it for me, so many unanswered … Read More

Puntland, Somalia: Threat Assessment

June 30, 2016By Richard C Pendrynews, Somalia 1 Comment

Puntland, Somalia: Threat Assessment is a precis of an indepth report researched in the regional capital Garowe over a one month period. The research methodology involved in-country interviews with Puntland government ministers, members of the Puntland Security Forces and international aid and development actors. It has been upadated for release in June 2016, but must … Read More

Warning! IS Attack on Ankara May 19th

May 18, 2016By Richard C PendryInformation, news No Comments

My sources in Turkey are reporting that all the countries provincial police forces have been warned of possible attack by Islamic State (IS) in Ankara on May 19th during the festivities surrounding the countries Youth and Sports Day celebrations. Turkish National Intelligence are warning that ten IS militants have gained access to the country via … Read More

Afghan Kidnap and Ransom

May 5, 2016By Richard C PendryAfghanistan, news 10 Comments

Australian kidnapped in Afganistan.  Katherine Jane Wilson a member of the Zardozi charity is another victim of Afghan Kidnap and Ransom. The 60 year old snatched from her villa in the eastern city of Jalalabad (J’bad) in the early hours of 28th April by armed men in uniforms. There is little information at present, but there … Read More

South Sudan – Country Risk Assessment

November 29, 2015By Richard C Pendrynews No Comments

The following is a summary of the larger  South Sudan – Country Risk Assessment that I wrote in October 2015. Please note the situation within South Sudan is very fluid and subject to immediate change. Take for example the conflict that errupted in December 2013, no-one saw saw that coming. If your planning to visit … Read More

Plane Crash South Sudan Kills 41

November 4, 2015By Richard C Pendrynews No Comments

Plane Crash South Sudan Kills 41. There was 17 passengers and crew on-board the Russian, Antinov cargo plane, but the majority of casualties came as the aircraft crashed into a local settlement on take-off from Juba International Airport. This wasn’t the first time this has happened however. Earlier in October 2015 two aircraft found themselves … Read More