Having just read Marc Sagemans‘ acclaimed book ‘Understanding Terror Networks’, and then reading this article, one can help but see a a pattern emerging. It is widely accepted, that the last part of the radicalisation processes of violent jihadists is that of joining a training camp. There they can meet likeminded individuals, gain terrorist skills and become fully fledged mujahedin. These camps existed in Afghanistan, but because of the robust US counter-insurgency strategy and the widespread use of UAVs their role has diminished.

However the fact that young Pakistani Sunni muslims are travelling to Turkey and onwards to Syria to receive training and fight, is a very concerning matter, as eventually they will return home, and acting like recruiting sergeants will spread their perverted ideas amongst the impressionable young men in their community.

The Pakistani community and other Muslim diaspora within the UK and the West have therefore to take responsibility for their members actions. Family’s surely know where their sons and relatives are – after all don’t Muslim families pride themselves on their closeness? For the benefit of society as a whole, information on young men pursuing violent jiahadist activities needs to be passed to the security forces. Only by doing this will the threat of violent attacks such as 9/11 and 7/7 be averted.

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