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Jalalabad, Bishud bridge, Eastern Afghanistan, June 2010.

Members of the Afghan army secure area while MRAP burns
Members of the Afghan army secure area while MRAP burns
Jalalabad is the capital of Nangarhar Province in Eastern Afghanistan.  It is 150km to the east of the Kabul and is set at the confluence of two large rivers, the Kabul and Kunar, tributaries of the great Indus river which they meet in Pakistan.

The only bridge that crosses the water feature is called Bihsud, the 100m long structure linking Jalalabad to Kunar province in the north along a road that runs to the west of the Hindu Kush and breathtaking scenery.

Unfortunately for the US Army units stationed in the area, it is the only way that they can cross. So all the Talibs have to do is sit and wait, knowing that a target will eventually appear.

fire engine afghanistan - dick pendry
US Army MRAP attacked by suicide bomber Bihsud bridge, Jalalabad

This attack on a US Army Mine Resistant, Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle, took place at the Jalalabad end of the bridge, the convoy heading south bound.

This amount of destruction was caused by a solitary suicide bomber, who’s motorbike was laden with explosives.

His mangled corps was thrown clear of the explosion and landed on the banks of the river.

The mangled corps of the suicide bomber
The mangled corps of the suicide bomber
Within hours the devastation was cleared up, the traffic flowed again, the people went about their business, just another day in Afghanistan.

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