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security training consultantThe Private Security Industry has taken on a far more salient role in protecting the spaces that we frequent in our daily lives, with the Security Industry Authority ensuring that security companies and their people are screened and trained to a rudimentary level.

However, as their responsibilities increase and the services provided by the Emergency Services become more and more stretched, the question is: are security companies up to the task?

Security services

The emergency services response times for ambulance is under twenty minutes, there are no figures available for police armed response although the police were on the scene within minutes at Borough Market. However, as we have seen in the inquiry of the Manchester Arena attack, if Operation Plato (an active shooter scenario) is called, then the emergency services are advised to stay away until the site is secured. Added to this is the dilemma of multiple attacks as seen in Paris. Therefore, a quite possible scenario would be your normal day-to-day security guards would be responsible for attending to a mass casualty scene with major trauma casualties with their limited resources for hours.

You can’t stop a crisis

You can’t stop a crisis but you can mitigate its impact and the one way you can do that is to train your staff. The Crisis Response Officer (Level 3) is a qualification designed by Global Reach Training that specifically enhances the capability of personnel responsible for dealing with a crisis situation like Manchester and Borough market. It plugs the gap that has become only too evident and goes along way to ensuring a well-managed response to your worst nightmare.

Business users of security companies

If you use a private security company don’t go on the cheapest option, do a thorough risk assessment and think about the return on investment. A well-trained security company will reduce your corporate liability and lessen the chance of litigation considerably.

richard c pendryCall the Security Consultant with 30 Years Experience

Ensuring that your staff have the correct knowledge to deal with the challenges they will be confronted with in their working environment is not a ‘nice to have’ it’s compulsory – a duty of care. I offer a number of trainings that will ensure that your people have the capacity to deal with difficult situations as they arise. These include: personal security, travel management, and hostile environment, with packages being designed around specific needs and requirements that are identified by consultation. Learn More…

My years of study on specific questions relating to security – augmented with the ability of being able to apply my research to real life scenarios in some of the most austere conditions – has given me an opportunity to pass onto my clients a holistic service which is superlative in its field.

I have worked on the world stage for a spectrum of patrons that include: government institutes, the UN, commercial entities, NGOs and aid and development implementers. My aim throughout to ensure that my clients have the resilience to deal with shifting conditions, cognizant that every organisation has specific needs and requirements. Learn More…

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Be proactive. Speak to us today about your security training and the Crisis Response Officer Level 3 IQ Accredited Course or if you use a security company ensure you understand your needs.

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