Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Ceasefires with Bedouin sheiks, talks with Taliban commanders and understandings with tribal chiefs cannot be brokered from behind desks in London or Washington. They can however be orchestrated by people on the ground with situational knowledge and the ability find common ground with incumbent actors.

To this end, I’ve amassed a group of subject matter experts who work with me to ensure that my client’s requirements are identified and resolved. The agreed solutions, designed specifically to meet the challenge at hand, gleaned from the vast amount of experience and technical knowledge held amongst the associate team.

Kidnap and Ransom

Being taken hostage is a threat that is growing exponentially in many parts of the world. I offer a number of training packages for a growing audience of people who are exposed to this increasing danger. The courses  - preperared to ensure that a potential victim has an understanding of how to avoid and survive capture - will ensure that your people are prepared to deal with this nightmare scenario should it occur.


Ensuring that your staff have the correct knowledge to deal with the challenges they will be confronted with in their working environment is not a ‘nice to have’ it’s compulsory - a duty of care. I offer a number of trainings that will ensure that your people have the capacity to deal with difficult situations as they arise. These include: personal security, travel management, and hostile environment, with packages being designed around specific needs and requirements that are identified by consultation.

Security Provision Audit

When was the last time your security provider was audited? Are they delivering the level of service that you require? Are they contractually compliant? An in depth audit will provide you with these and many other answers, and could even save you money.

Threat Research & Analysis

Emergent threats have to be continually evaluated and assessed with the outcomes matched against the probability of occurrence. The result is a mitigation strategy that is fit for purpose and will facilitate resilience within your organisation and enable you to carry on even under the most testing of situations.

Business Continuity

Business continuity is an essential part of any operational plan. It enables you to identify what your organisation needs to do if it is affected by unforeseen circumstances, and in doing so gives you the ability to deliver uninterrupted services to your customers. I can give you the capacity to look at your organisation through an optic of disruption, allowing courses of action to be identified, and in doing so allowing you a confidence to conduct operations even in the most austere of conditions. Learn More

Risk Management

Risk management is an integral part of any organisational resilience plan. Its job is to identify threats, assess vulnerability and establish mitigation to reduce the likelihood or impact of a negative occurrence. To do this it is essential that your organisational risk management is contextualised specifically for your needs, a generic solution – so often used – unacceptable as each organisation has differing objectives. learn more...

Regional Assessments

If your organisation is entering into an unknown region, or expanding its operations in an existing one, you need to have as much information at hand to ensure that you can make the right decisions. Such information can only be gleaned by operatives on the ground, practiced in gaining intelligence and presenting in a way that can be best utilised by your decision making process.

Crisis Management

A catastrophic event - whether natural or man made - can push your organisation into chaos if you do not have the ability to control it. Crisis management allows you to take charge of negative incidents by enacting predetermined procedures that allow the incident to be ring fenced, limiting the effect of the occurrence on the organisation as a whole. Learn more

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