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Business Continuity Management

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Article for Crisis Response Journal 13:3 | May 2018


RICHARD C PENDRY is a freelance security consultant and author who has been delivering resilience solutions in the form of risk, crisis and business continuity management to his varied clients since 2005. He holds degrees in Security & Risk Management (Leicester) and Terrorism & Political Violence (St Andrew), his debut novel Damascus Redemption was released in 2016.

Business continuity is an essential part of any operational plan. It enables you to identify what your organisation needs to do if it is affected by unforeseen circumstances, and in doing so gives you the ability to deliver uninterrupted services to your customers. I can give you the capacity to look at your organisation through an optic of disruption, allowing courses of action to be identified, and in doing so allowing you a confidence to conduct operations even in the most austere of conditions.

Disruptions to your business can happen at any moment

Business continuity is about having a plan to deal with difficult situations, so your organization can continue to function with as little disruption as possible

Make a Plan

A good Business Continuity plan recognises potential threats to an organization and analyses what impact they may have on day-to-day operations. It also provides a way to mitigate these threats, putting in place a framework which allows the protection of assets and people, and the implementation of plans for major incidents, which allows the busines to continue to function.

Business ManagementIdentifying an organization's risk of exposure to internal and external threats.


This plan should therefore be able to respond to any significant incident that threatens personnel, buildings and the operational effectiveness of an organisation. It should have detailed steps to be taken before, during and after an event to maintain the financial viability of an organization.

I had the pleasure to work with Richard whilst we both worked in Iraq for AEGIS Defence services, during the reconstruction phase of the country.

I found him to be a gentleman in every way and his management skills second to none! Richard carried out the tasks set out before him with ease and professionalism that was unique to him. I don’t think I ever saw or heard of him being concerned by any issues or tasks which as far as I am concerned go with his personality of a thinker before taking action.

I believe he was thought after well by the men under him and I know on a few occasions he went well out of his way to look after his men and their welfare at the risk of chastisement from the management.

Richard is a thinking man’s soldier with an ability to embrace any task given to him whilst being very aware of the bigger picture and his part within it. He has a good sense of humour and a pleasant manner about him which is infectious to those around him.

I would work alongside Richard on any contract in any environment happy that my welfare would be uppermost in his mind whilst carrying out that job.

A good man and a major asset to any employer or contract!

Kenny Morland, Preston, UK

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