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Article for Crisis Response Journal 13:3 | May 2018


RICHARD C PENDRY is a freelance security consultant and author who has been delivering resilience solutions in the form of risk, crisis and business continuity management to his varied clients since 2005. He holds degrees in Security & Risk Management (Leicester) and Terrorism & Political Violence (St Andrew), his debut novel Damascus Redemption was released in 2016.

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Global Reach Emergency Response Officer Level 3 Qualification was created in response to terrorist attacks in major cities worldwide

Comprehensive Risk Assessments Are a Legal Requirement

It is therefore a legal requirement for those responsible for ensuring the safety of others, that a comprehensive risk assessment is made on how a terror attack will effect their organisation and the steps needed to reduce the impact should it occur. It's the normal format stipulated by the Health & Safety Executive and yet many companies are not taking the necessary steps because they wrongly assume, that it is the job of the Government to deal with terrorism and not theirs.

counter terrorism risk managementRisk management is an integral part of any organisational resilience plan.

Its job is to identify threats, assess vulnerability and establish mitigation to reduce the likelihood or impact of a negative occurrence. Terrorism is one of those threats, so it is essential that your organisational risk management confronts the 'elephant in the room' and contextualises the risks that your organisation faces. A generic solution – so often used – is unacceptable as each organisation has differing objectives.

testimonial for counter terrorism risk managementRichard and I co-hosted a three-day workshop in Amman, Jordan for the German Development Cooperation (GIZ) senior management, on how to prepare and manage before, during (continuity) and after a highly critical situation e.g. a delocalisation of international project staff. Richard designed the workshop around his extensive experience in organisational resilience, crisis management and in specific business continuity management within fragile environments.
His knowledge of the subject matter is excellent. With his enthusiasm, his cheerful and approachable way of facilitating the workshop, he was able to keep the audience of senior managers engaged for the entire three days.

I very much enjoyed working together with Richard, on a personal and professional level and I hope I will have another opportunity to collaborate with him.

Anne-Katrin Niemeier, Der Weltgeist will nicht fesseln uns und engen, er will uns Stuf' um Stufe heben, weiten. Mali

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