Armored Vehicles Save Lives.

October 10, 2015By Richard C PendryInformation 2 Comments

Armored Vehicles Save Lives. I think so, and the world would be a very different place if the use of armored vehicles had been more accepted by world leaders in the last century, the course of history altered by assassinations in cars that that could have been easily avoided. Take for instance the assassination of … Read More

Terrorist or Thief?

September 7, 2014By Richard C PendryAfghanistan No Comments

Acts of violence need to have a political context in order for them to be officially classified as a terrorist attack, if not their just criminal.   However within a conflict or post conflict environment such as Afghanistan, the lines between the differing of categories of attacks can get so blurred that they often cease … Read More

13 Months in Helmand, Afghanistan

March 4, 2014By Richard C PendryAfghanistan 2 Comments

Afghanistan, ‘The Grave Yard of Empires’, – as it has become known – consists of 34 provinces, the most infamous of which – its name now synonymous with death and destruction – being Helmand.  The following is a short account of my involvement there during 2010 – 2011, and is written in respect and admiration … Read More