South Sudan: Assessment After the Violence.

August 20, 2016By Richard C Pendrynews No Comments

In the wake of the civil war that erupted again in South Sudan in mid-July 2016, I’ve done an assessment after the violence, highlighting the dire situation that the world youngest country is facing. The current situation in SSD continues to deteriorate with fighting reported throughout the country. Fractures within the political and military landscape continue, … Read More

Plane Crash South Sudan Kills 41

November 4, 2015By Richard C Pendrynews No Comments

Plane Crash South Sudan Kills 41. There was 17 passengers and crew on-board the Russian, Antinov cargo plane, but the majority of casualties came as the aircraft crashed into a local settlement on take-off from Juba International Airport. This wasn’t the first time this has happened however. Earlier in October 2015 two aircraft found themselves … Read More

South Sudan: Heading for Chaos?

September 30, 2015By Richard C Pendrynews No Comments

South Sudan: heading for chaos? The newest country in the world recently hit the headlines when the warring parties signed a peace agreement to end the 20-month long conflict. One of the clauses of the accord – which president Kiir signed reluctantly on the 26th August, was that a cease-fire would ensue. But before the … Read More