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Damascus Redemption: Some Secrets Can Never Be Told

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I didn’t choose to write Damascus Redemption, the story picked me. It sounds bizarre but its true. The storyline fusing into my mind when I was visiting Palmyra - the ancient city in Syria recently ravaged by Islamic State.

It’s a parallel story that uses the backdrop of Iraq, 2007 and the Third Crusade in 1191, and contains what some might regard as contentious issues regarding early Christianity. However, I’ve never been one to toe the party line, my recalcitrance and willingness to question dogma hopefully evident for the reader in the way I also tackle events surrounding the aftermath of the Iraq invasion of 2003.

This book has been a labour of love but its under my belt now and has left me hungry for more. I’m giving you the first few chapters as free downloads, and am already working on my next novel which will be out towards the end of 2017. I would love to hear your comments.

Mason, unable to cope with the loss of his family is forced to resign from the SAS.

With his life over, he is enticed into the cut throat security industry in Iraq by an old comrade who forces him into a suicidal mission. His team is attacked and two of his men are taken hostage. Mason escapes with the help of a mysterious Arab cult, who are custodians of an ancient ‘secret’ kept deep within the Basrah Marshes. Blamed and discredited, he races against time to free his men, unaware that his journey to Damascus and down the great Euphrates, echoes’ in the footsteps of the ‘secret’ and its guardian – a Crusading knight. The torment of the two warriors unfolds their destinies’ entwined, as each searches for redemption.

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