Last week some of might have read my artice – Turkish Kidnapping: ISIS? – in which I questioned the validity of the claim made by Marc Pierin – a Carnegie Europe scholar published by Voice of America – that ISIS was responsible for the kidnaping of 18 Turkish construction workers in Bagdahd on 2nd September. Mr. Pierin states that the likely motivation for the attack was; ‘retaliation from Islamic State militants angered by Turkey’s efforts to defeat the group.’

But it appeares the Mr. Pierin could not have been more wrong. A Shia militia group calling itself “Firqat al Mawt” or “Death Division” – in a video showing their captives released on the 11th September – claims responsibilty for the abduction, stating that ‘their motivation was the apparent support of Turkey for ISIS.’

The situation was obvious to me as I knew the ethnic dynamics within Baghdad because I’d been there. To me it was clear that a Shia militia group was responsible rather than the Sunni led ISIS group.

Nothing beats time on the ground Mr. Pierin, sometimes you need to get from behind the desk and get your hands dirty.

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